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thermoconductive materials for power electronics

The development, industrialization and production of innovative electronics, – are the expertise of the Kristronics GmbH. Based in Harrislee in the „true“ north of Schleswig-Holstein, right at the Danish border. Kristronics focus is on products for mobile solutions, medical technology and industry.

The well-known customers appreciate the personal contact, the high flexibility and the process know-how of the company. Various certifications, including IATF 16949 (automotive industry) and ISO 13485 (medical devices), are proof of the high standards at Kristronics.

A fundamental challenge in the development and industrialization of assemblies is to achieve an optimal compromise between investment and unit costs in each individual case. As a rule, a higher investment, for example in an Aluminum die-casting tool, leads to a lower unit price. On the other hand, the investment costs have to be amortized over a hard to estimate number of units.

A very cost-intensive process step, especially in power electronics assemblies, is the application of heat-conducting paste or heat-conducting foil to obtain an efficient thermal bonding between active components and heat-dissipating housings.

While the thermal paste is less expensive, a manual application is time-consuming and creates a non-reliable process. On the other hand, the use of heat-conducting foil provides a certain degree of process reliability, but the heat-conducting foil is more expensive and has in general poorer thermal properties.

This is where Kristronics decided to procure an automated Gap-filler system. The GAP-filler is a 2-component adhesive which has to be thoroughly mixed to become homogeneous and free of bubbles, before it is workable and can be applied with pinpoint accuracy and contour precision utilizing a 3-axis robot. To accomplish a reliable sealing the material has to be applied not just in the right amount, but also with the right shape and height.

The automated system continually controls the flow rate and flow duration as well as the pressure and position and therefore guarantees a reproducible and reliable process at any time.

If one of the parameters is off, the robot stops, the workpiece is marked as „not OK“ and sorted out After cleaning and inspecting the housing, it can be reused and returned to the process.

The automated process, with the integrated control of all process parameters ensures a flawless dispense process, without gaps, the paste in the right shape with the predefined amount and at the correct position. This is the only way to achieve a reliable heat dissipation and the clearly defined thermal performance.

Another advantage of this manufacturing process is that it produces high-voltage-resistant insulation.

Due to a thorough planning and the realization of a flexible robotic system, Kristronics was able to roll the system out on other high-volume products to utilize the advantages of the reliable process.

The implementation of a safe and reproducible process and the significant cost savings created a win-win situation for manufacturer and customer.

About Kristronics

Founded in 1977, Kristronics GmbH has been part of the Marquardt Group since 2017. With approx. 180 employees, innovative electronic products are developed and produced at Harrislee near Flensburg. Another focus is the industrialization of products and their cost- and quality-optimized further development and production.

About Marquardt

​Marquardt, a family-owned company founded in 1925 and headquartered in Rietheim-Weilheim, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of mechatronic switching and operating systems. The products of the mechatronics specialist – including operating components, vehicle access, drive authorization and battery management systems for electrically powered vehicles – are used by many well-known customers in the automotive industry. Marquardt systems can also be found in household appliances, industrial applications and power tools. The company has around 10.200 employees worldwide at 21 locations on four continents. Turnover in the 2021 financial year was around 1.3 Billion Euros. Every year, Marquardt invests around ten percent of its turnover in research and development.